Citizens, Business Enterprises, Public Administrations and innovation

Smartlex LTD originates from the conviction shared by a highly specialized group of lawyers, in network with other professionals and experts, to put their skills and competences at the service of the needs of citizens and to support complex organizations (Public administrations and businesses), with the purpose of catalysing education, research, protection of citizens and relevant economic activities, through the conception and development of interdisciplinary operational support services, innovative consulting services and specialized training.

  • Smartlex LTD operates at the service of citizens, through the implementation of legal, technological and organizational instruments aiming at the protection of the person and the socio - economic development of local communities. Citizens and consumers are pressed by the complexity of the offers technology and the market, and the concurrent inadequacy of the legal instruments for the protection of individuals and ther dignity, even before the protection of their economic interests. The promotion of the interaction between law, technology and human capital through the planning and development of applications related to consumers’ and businesses’ needs, training platforms and supply of services is planned in order to satisfy the pressing needs of citizens, consumers and entrepreneurs.
  • Smartlex LTD operates at the service of complex organizations, both public and private, through the provision of training platforms and legal services, using research skills and professional competences supported by innovative technologies and techniques such as simulation, augmented reality, ICT in the area of protection of persons, risk and emergencies management.

Our organization

Smartlex LTD  is a spin off from "Scuola Superiore degli Studi Universitari e di Perfezionamento Sant'Anna" di Pisa, with registered office at San Giuliano Terme (PI).

The team, consisting of professors, university researchers and lawyers, make use of an established network of professionals specialized in different areas, with specific experience in the promotion of cross-border activities, in consultancy and developments in response to calls from the European Union, in a logic of internationalization and interdisciplinary activities.